We have a wide range and variety of products and production flexibility to meet the needs arising from the dynamics of oil & gas production and extraction.

We aim to provide value to our customers by means of a business proposal geared to the mutual and consistent growth in an activity that calls for high levels of safety and efficiency. In addition, we also supply parts and components for the transporting, shipping, processing and improvement of oil & gas.

-Forged bars: round/square
-Tubular Products and Rings
-Custom-made parts (upon preliminary evaluation.).

We take part in the development of the manufacture and production areas in the sugar, cereal milling, cement, metallurgical and shipbuilding industries by supplying steel-forged parts according to our customers’ standards and specifications.

At American Steel Products LLC we are very much aware of the special needs of our customers and that is why we do our best in maintaining a clear and transparent client-supplier relationship. This allows us to address all issues and needs in an integral and cost-efficient manner.


Open-die forging

-Shafts for mill hubs
-Drive shafts
-Custom-made parts

Complementary Products (foundry)

Products obtained through third parties bounden by complementary agreements and supplied upon request from our customers.
-Hubs with internal circulation for liquids
-Mill hubs
-Shaft bearings
-Cutting blades


-Rollers for continuous casting of steel sheets
-Mandrills for extrusion of tubes
-Forged parts from open-die forging

- Shafts
- Ring, Round & Square Bars